Wordpress thoughts

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I just converted this blog to Wordpress, launched my game’s new site on Wordpress, and I’m strongly leaning to building my employer’s new website on the platform as well.

It’s a great blogging platform, but I’m learning that it makes a pretty good CMS, too. So, I figured I’d make a few posts as I go about the things I’m learning while I’m doing this.

First, links: this web marketing company has a blog, and they converted their corporate site to Wordpress. When I searched for “Using wordpress as a CMS” in google, I got the parent post to this one:



Good stuff. And the parent page is more tips, too.

Amazon EC2 Console

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Just checked out the Amazon EC2 console they released today. It’s a fairly full-featured control panel, but it’s missing some things that are necessary to be a useful tool.

  1. You can’t assign control to another AWS login ID. This requires everyone to know the account details of your AWS account if you have sysadmins running things. Bad Juju.
  2. No way to store any extra information about the instances. You can name security groups, and volumes, but you can’t name an instance.
  3. No userdata. In the API, ec2-run-instances -d “your user data here” is almost necessary for any advanced control of your instances at boot time. That part of the API isn’t available in Amazon’s control panel at this time.

Until these issues are resolved, the new console will remain a nice tool to get people started, but won’t ever be a sustainable solution for serious management.

Yet another reboot

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One of these days I’ll settle into something I like. Until then, I’ll keep thrashing my home site until I get things the way I like them.


Oh, well. ;P


Please ignore the 1969 dates as I’m cleaning things up. It may take a few days. I’ve also lost a few archives, so all I’ve got are posts from a period from late 2004-early 2005. I’m pulling in files from all over the place, so I’ll add to things as time goes on.

Wiccan makeup?

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Just ran across this link to an article by a Los Angeles ABC affilliate about a boy who’s wearing an unusual makeup pattern in high school. He’s suspended for wearing the makeup.

The unusual part is that he says the makeup is an expression of his “Wiccan religious beliefs,” although the specific quote I’m citing is from the linked article. In case any of you don’t know by now, there are no specific religious doctrines amongst any Wiccan groups that I’ve ever met that require makeup for any purpose.

I believe that religious garb is important, and that you should be able to wear what’s required by your religious beliefs. I’ve spoken out against the French government refusing a Muslim schoolteacher from wearing a scarf to cover her hair. The problem is when you have kids making up religious beliefs to fight “the system” when they just want to be different.


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19 years ago, we lost 7 brave souls aboard the Challenger space shuttle.

I was at home, sick, 19 years ago, playing games on my Atari 2600. I had just shut the console off to change game cartidges when I noticed the shuttle launch coverage, so I settled in to watch another exciting space launch.

I’ve always been a space fan, and even at 11 years old I knew that each launch was special. I remember the explosion, and how Walter Cronkite kept talking about how the shuttle would roll over and open its bay doors at apogee, even after there were no bay doors left to open.

Not very long ago we lost even more brave souls on re-entry when the Columbia broke apart, and I was more crushed than I have been since 9/11.

My heroes have always been astronauts. And they still are.

In parting, here is a link to president Reagan’s address the evening of the disaster. He said it better than I ever can. Go and read it, please.

Oh, my Goddess.

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It’s been a few days, I know, but I can’t help but be overwhelmed by the earthquake in the Indan Ocean on Boxing Day. The Great Mother provides so much for us, but nature is raw and dangerous. 9/11 was the worst disaster to ever hit the United States in terms of lives lost and national impact. It was perpetrated by a handful of men bent on the greatest destruction they could.

An earthquake, brought by natural processes, killed more in an hour than dedicated terrorists could with years of preparation and work. The property damage alone is unthinkable.

Please go to The Red Cross and select their International Response Fund, and donate some cash. There are folks in these regions who can get by in their regular job and eat and live for $1 a day. Donate what you can, where you can, and maybe we can make a dent.

By the way, in case you want to donate to a different organization, here is a link to one blogger’s research into where you can donate.

Just when you want to get pessimistic

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Here’s a CNN link to a Reuters feed article about some dolphins.

Seems they saw a great white shark in the area of some human swimmers, and the dolphins herded the people into a tight group and set up a defensive perimeter.

After elections, politics, and people being very pissy and divisive, Mama shows us that even other species can work together to make the world better.

Here’s what I learned: do the best you can, with what you have, for everyone involved, so that we all benefit. The dolphins could swim better, fight the shark better, and did so to protect the swimmers. Nice job, guys.

Evil is not instantaneous.

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I just saw this link. It details the death of a construction worker in what’s left of the World Trade Center. Happened this week… 2003. Two years later. This man wouldn’t have died if some dissidents had the courage to deal with us face-to-face instead of sucker-punching an entire nation. It all goes back to personal responsibility and courage.

I’m using blosxom now.

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Just installed it last night and I’m starting to get the hang of things. Now all I have to do is write a blogger-api system and we’ll be doing great.

By the way - if you’re reading this, and want to start up a weblog, let me know in the comments section below. I’ll help you out as much as I can.

About me and my blog

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I’ve been running this site since 1996. Updates are rare, and I’ve realized that I can try my hardest to build a community here, but since I don’t maintain the site as often as I should, folks just don’t hang around like they used to.

Anyway, I’m an upper-mid-twentysomething pagan guy who is a sysadmin by trade. I like tinkering with technology and long walks in the woods. My sedentary self tends to to more tinkering and less walking these days, but I’m trying to assuage that. I’ll update this page a bit more later, right now I’m trying to get the site tweaked how I want.